The four questions that demonstrate the uniqueness about our rosehip products.

SUKO Nordic has developed its rosehip business over the last 10 years.

Why rosehips from Chile?

Rosehip is one of the most important fruits that is related to many health aspects. The south of Chile has an optimal and unique climate for rosehip cultivation. The area is protected by the Andes Mountains, the Antarctic, and the Pacific Ocean. Cool nights and sunny days in the ripening period secure the highest quality rosehip.

Why organic rosehips?

Organic certification secures no use of fertilizers or pesticides and low vegetative growth with smaller and more tasteful fruits.

Why cultivated organic rosehips?

Plantation cultivation is a way to standardize the production of AP-4 rosehips under controlled organic cultivation methods.

Why a single variety of cultivated organic rosehips?

A selected mother plant (Rosa canina AP-4) allows genetically standardization of the whole production of SUKO AP-4 rosehips. The AP-4 mother plant was selected in a research project among collected rosehip plants from the mountains in the south of Chile.

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