Our favourite – the maqui berry

In the south of Chile known as Patagonia, you find various native berries with potential health effects, such as murta (Ugni molinae), calafate (Berberis microphylla), and maqui (Aristotelia chilensis). Maqui is endemic to Chilean Patagonia and has become our favourite berry for the development of a range of health products for healthy aging, endurance, and immunity. Maqui is an evergreen shrub found in the Araucanía and Los Rios regions with lush landscape of emerald lakes and puffing volcanoes. The berries have particularly high amounts of purple-coloured polyphenols called anthocyanins with potential benefits on human health. Local people Mapuche have for centuries used maqui berries as energy booster as juice or wine, or as a natural dye in bakery.

We work close together with our Chilean partner for supplying high quality maqui berry powder.

For our newly developed combination product MaquiPro® the maqui powder used, is manufactured by a special freeze-drying technique.

MaquiPro® has patent protection and is being tested in a clinical trial in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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