Organic Rosehip AP-4

Healthy aging is our focus for SUKO Nordic organic health products.

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AP-4® is a registered Trademark for SUKO Nordic rosehip products manufactured from a selected variety of the dog rose Rosa canina AP-4. AP-4 rosehip is a single variety cultivated in organic certified plantations in the south of Chile.

Optimal climate conditions and controlled cultivation methods are key factors for manufacturing a top-quality and standardized AP-4 Rosehip Powder, SUKOFLEX®.

To meet the increasing demands for AP-4® Rosehip Powder, the plantation cultivations have been extended with AP-4 plants nursed in green-house, latest in 2020 and 2021.

AP-4 rosehips are harvested at an optimal ripening time when the content of polyphenols are at the highest level.



SUKO Nordic develops organic health supplements based on rosehip and maqui.

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SUKO Nordic was founded by two molecular biologists, Monica Takamiya Wik and Peter Kristoffersen with the purpose of bringing a range of high-quality organic health products to the European and Asian markets. SUKO is acronym for SUnd KOst (Danish) = healthy diet.

Cell: +45 2254 5807

+45 2254 5807
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