Who we are

SUKO Nordic was founded by two molecular biologists, Dr. Peter Kristoffersen, PhD and Dr. Monica Takamiya Wik, PhD. Both founders have a Ph.D. from Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne, Germany, and industry experience from the medical and food industries. We have long experience in R&D in human health and human medicine from both universities, the medical and biotech industry.

Business model

SUKO Nordic core competences are product specific and involve research collaborations with universities and partner companies and agreements with suppliers of raw materials in South America.
Other parts are outsourced to trusted partners in production, packing and parts of sales and distribution.

We use both our research experience and market knowledge in the development of product concepts. Current health trends, expectations about consumer preferences and the increasing research in healthy aging are important parts in SUKO Nordic strategic R&D plans.

SUKO Nordic business developed from a Scandinavian understanding of rosehip as a healthy fruit that deserves much higher attention.

Rosehip has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, especially because of its high content of Vitamin C. More recently, research in rosehip has demonstrated a range of beneficial effects related to human health.

Although rosehips are found in most parts of the world, the best quality rosehip is found in Chile in South America. In certain areas in the south of Chile, in regions with poor and uncultivated soil you find rosehips, typically 2-3 different varieties, that are collected in the wild by local people.

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